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Georgia Walkers
1496 Elizabeth Lane
East Point, GA 30344

A walking club that is a member of the American Volkssport Association, America's Walking Club. We sponsor 10-kilometer walks and have 13 Year-Round-Events throughout the year.

For more information about American Volkssport Association, America's Walking Club, click on their link to the left. Their web page will explain what we do and what Volkssporting is all about.

For Information on upcoming Georgia Walkers events, Year Round Events, please click on one of the links on your left.

To join our e-mail mailing list, send an email to : 

American Volkssport Association
Georgia Walkers
AVA #178
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This page was last updated on: November 18, 2017
Visitors Since May 1, 2001
What do we do ?
Tater Tours
Walking Adventures International

2017 November Checkpoint


2017  Events
Atlanta YRE 0096 & 0557

Name Change for Start Point

Barclay Hotel
(formerly Quality Hotel)
December 9, 2017

Athens, GA Year Round Event
11:00 AM - arrive earlier to sign in - click for directions

December 9, 2017

Madison GA Year Round Event
3:30 PM - Arrive earlier to sign in - click for directions

2018 Events