Volkssporting is an exciting new concept in the United States that is an integral part of an international volkssport movement devoted to physical fitness. These sports, walking, swimming, bicycling, snowshoeing, skating (roller and ice), and cross-country skiing are commonly referred to as volksmarches, volksswims, etc. Their aim is to get people of all ages out-of-doors to exercise non-competitively in events where everyone who completes the event is declared a WINNER !!  "Volkssport" is a German word which literally translated means "people's" or "popular" sports. Swimming events are usually held in a pool, and consist of 300 meters of lap swimming. Usually non-swimmers can participate. Cross-country skiing and volksmarching is over a course of at least 10 km (6.2 miles) and snowshoeing over a course at least 8 km. The bike event route covers a distance of at least 25 km. Roller skating events may be called "Volksrolls" or "Volksskates" and ice skating events may also be called "Volksskates". They cover a distance of at least 10 km. Trails are through scenic or historic areas and are well marked. The markings could be on the ground, attached to trees, lampposts, or street signs, but always in conspicuous places. Maps, signs and streamers may be used to mark the trail. You are encouraged to proceed at your own pace, but to reap the benefits of aerobic exercise, you should set a brisk and steady pace. Be sure to consult a physician if you have any medical problem which affects your heart, lungs, feet or legs.


Unlike other volkssport events limited to one or two days with set start/finish times, a year-round volkswalk, volksswim, or volksbike may be done daily, Jan. 1 through Dec 31. YREs add two new dimensions to VOLKSSPORTING. First, YREs give local citizens a daily exercise opportunity and second, YREs make traveling more fun for the volkssporters. There are almost 1000 locations throughout the USA and Canada that have YREs.


You begin the EVENT at the registration table where you complete a start card. The event is free but you may wish to pay a fee to receive the event award, such as a patch or medallion, and IVV Credit. Start cards are validated at the Control Points where water and sometimes snacks are available. Plenty of time is allowed to enjoy a scenic or historic trail. Many clubs provide food, drinks, and music at the end of the event, for a nominal fee. Volkssporting provides an environment for participants to make new friends and provides quality time for a family outing and is a fun way of getting exercise.


The International Federation of Popular Sports (IVV) was founded in Lindau, West Germany in 1968 with six German clubs, two Swiss clubs, and one club each from Austria and Liechtenstein. The IVV is a nonprofit organization devoted to promoting physical fitness and fellowship, for people of all ages, worldwide. Today, volkssport clubs number about 5,000 with about 20 million persons participating worldwide. Currently there are over twenty countries in the IVV from Europe, North America, and Asia.


The American Volkssport Association (AVA), a member of the IVV, was founded in the United States in 1979. It accredits clubs, sanctions and oversees events and presents IVV awards to eligible participants. The AVA presently includes almost 700 member clubs and 17 state organizations and is divided into 10 regions. The AVA publishes a bi-monthly newspaper and newsletter which give information about all the events and clubs in the USA and Canada.


Participants may enroll in the IVV Achievement Awards Program by purchasing IVV Record Books. There is a Distance Book and an Event Book which cost $5.00 each and are available at the event Start Point. Upon completion of specified milestones (10, 30, 50, etc. events and/or 500, 1000, 1500, etc. km), the book is sent to the AVA. In return, the participant will receive a free certificate, hat pin and patch.

The American Wanderer is a bi-monthly newspaper published by the AVA. To receive a subscription, you  must become a Volkssports Associate at $20/Individual or $25/Family. Contact them at the following address.

American Volkssport Association
Suite 101, Phoenix Square
1001 Pat Booker Road
Universal City, TX 78148-4108
Phone (210) 659-2112


Be a Georgia Walker and become an associate   member of a walking club that was established in 1984. You can be as active as you desire. You are encouraged to help manage the club activities and help conduct volkssporting events. Newsletters and event flyers are available at the walks.

We are always looking for volunteers  to help at our events. 

And of course, any donation is appreciated.

Georgia Walkers
113 Sweet Gum Trail
McDonough, GA 30252-4168

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